A Talent I’d LOVE to Have. . . But Totally Don’t

Where to start! As a former ballerina {a terrible one}, that’s one talent I’ve always wished I had – being able to spin a hundred times across the floor en pointe, kick my leg up behind my head to my head, leap into the arms of an awaiting prince charming – how amazing would that be!!

I wish I was an amazing singer, to other people that is. I mean, I’m no Lady Ga GA, but I think I sound ok. Definitely better than a cat in heat. Of course it would be great to be a talented artist too, or play an instrument by ear, but the lack of these talents doesn’t bother me. There is one though, that would change my life if I had it.

If I could have a talent that I don’t already, it would be the ability to be more friendly. I am what you would call socially awkward {unless I’ve been drinking, then I’m socially annoying} and when you meet me, there’s a good chance I’m going to come across as cold and unfriendly. The reality is that I’m terrified I’m going to bore you to death or sound unintelligent or not be interesting. I’m nervous around you. I think you’re really nice, I really do! But I’m shy, I promise, I’m not trying to be mean.

I feel I’ve missed out on a lot of friendships, job opportunities, events – everything! by not having the talent to come off as a warmer, caring person.