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The Truth of the Matter

As most people in my life know I’m from Mexico. I was born in Mexico, most of my family’s in Mexico – I’m Mexican. In fact I’m in Mexico right now visiting my grandmother and a plethora of aunts, uncles and cousins. It’s been a blast so far, as it usually is. We go out to restaurants, go shopping, stay up late telling stories and joking around, and we relax. Notice here that I did not mention the following: suntan, margaritas, sand, beach, water, swimming. The majority of the time I come down here I do none of those things. This is where people think I go:

Not here...

Not here…

In actuality, I go here:

...but here

…but here

Equally beautiful, more relaxing and more sentimental. Mexico’s a large and amazing country that has some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve seen. I mean, some of it’s a little meh for me too, but so is the Mid West.

My main point here is to go out there and explore the world. England isn’t just made from round abouts. The Eiffel Tower isn’t the only sight seeing to do in France. And drunk gringos on pristine beaches is just a tich of what Mexico has in store for your eyes.

I’m on My Way – Warning: This is Long

*This post was originally written 01/14 and 01/15

Here I am sitting a little plane that’s headed to LA. I was fortunate enough to fly out of Hailey rather than having to drive 2.5 hours away to Boise or even 5 hours to Salt Lake. Why would I have to do that, one who lives near a ‘real’ airport might ask. Well, I’ll tell you – it’s because my final destination today (actually tomorrow at 6:35 am) is Mexico.

Trying to get out of my little valley in Idaho is such a pain in the ass. First of all, it costs almost twice as much to land in Hailey as opposed to Boise. If you do decide to shell out the cash during the winter, you pretty much have a 30/70 chance of actually flying to your destination. Most of the time you end up getting bussed in from Boise anyways. Is it because of the weather? Maybe, but usually it’s because the flights to Boise aren’t booked with enough bodies so they’ll borrow passengers from other flights. Honestly, I don’t know if this is indeed fact, but I’ve been bussed in on enough clear days to have my suspicions.

Well shit. Jump ahead 14 hours and you’ll find me at the Benito Juarez Airport, aka the Mexico City airport. Hoooollllyyy cannoli, it is large. Also, there is no one here that speakas da English. Fortunately, I speak very little and very poor Spanish so I can get by. And did I mention that my flight was at 1:05 in the morning out of LAX and I’m tired as eff right now? I think I forgot to say that for most of the 3.5 hour flight I felt like throwing up (something I ate, not nerves. Maybe both?). Also that the bus I planned on taking (yes, a bus, in Mexico) to my grandmother’s house left like right when my plane was landing? Yeah, all of that.

I should also inject here that traveling to Mexico goes completely smoothly for me .05% of the time. That’s a very small number for a success rate for me and I have a patient as hell sister who can testify. Is it always my fault? Absolutely not, but something almost always happens to me. There was the time Jamsicle and I were meeting up with dear ol’ dad for a quick family reunion trip to Mexico and our tickets disappeared – in the span of Jamsicle and I walking from one ticket counter to another. I shit you not, the tickets vanished from my hands. I searched up and down LAX in an effort to find them. I retraced my steps over and over again to no avail. Outcome? Trip cancelled, tears of embarrassment and shame shed, and an overall nice weekend visiting our daddy. What happened to those tickets, you ask? Well, they did eventually turn up almost a year later in the back of Jamsicle’s closet – in fucking Idaho!!! No, sissy did not secretly have them the whole time. We of course checked our luggage once getting to daddy’s house.*

Ok, back to the present here. Missed the initial bus, and the next one won’t be till 8:30 pm, but I know that Mexico’s got my back. The helpful young lady at the bus counter told me I could bus to Queretero (an amazing historical town not far from my hometown that I recommend one visits if one is in the area) and take another bus to Celaya, the homestead. I said hell yeah. I then called my aunt to have her call my grandma to let her know the arrival time change and being the saint that she is, suggested I get picked up in Queretero. Thank god! I’m so freaking tired…

So I am now, FINALLY, on the almost last leg of a very long trip. How long? Well, I left Idaho 1/14/13 at 11:30 am and it is now 1/15/13 at 8:37 am. By the time I get to my grandma’s house, it will be 1:00, 12:00 Idaho time and I will have travelled just over 24 hours straight.

And that’s how I got to Mexico!

*I have pixies. They pull this crap on me often.*

Earliest Memories & Life Lessons

One of the earliest memories I have was when I was about 2 years old. I want to say that my parents and I were about to move from Mexico to the States and we were saying goodbye to my abuela (grandma) at her house under the carport. My dad walked up to me with a spider hanging off of its own thread and I thought it was so cool! I wanted to hold it so my dad handed it to me and the little bastard started climbing up towards my hand as fast as lighting and I screamed and dropped the spider on the ground, now completely upset. My dad thought it was the most hilarious thing ever and started laughing. And that was how I learned that you can never, ever take yourself too seriously. 🙂

*I’m still terrified of spiders if they are crawling towards me.


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As Promised, Notre Dame – and then some

I’m a few days late, but no dollaz short – trust me.

I awoke Wednesday morning after getting, let’s see, 1, 2, 3, 4 – 4 hours of sleep. I was a bit . . . . let’s say cranky. Now, more often than not I am a morning person. I’m not the kind of morning person that goes to the gym, answers all emails, showers, does hair and make up, and has breakfast before 7. God no! I really like to take my sweet time and stay in my pj’s for as long as possible, but I am fully awake and usually pretty chipper while putting around.

Wednesday, not so much. I really didn’t want to do anything but lay in the hard hotel bed and dick around on the Facebook, but because this is a work trip and I am traveling with 2 colleagues (that’s right, a grown up word), I decided I would pretty much do whatever they wanted. First stop was the timeless Notre Dame, which is literally (not figuratively) a 2 minute walk from our hotel. Here are some pictures of the interior of this iconic building.

Honestly, I know nothing about these murals. It’s been a few years since I took art history, and unfortunately, if I don’t practice it I typically don’t retain it. Whatever. This artwork pulled at me, drawing me further into the building. Really, what more do I need to know?

Next up, some breathtaking stained glass. I don’t think one can really grasp the scale of these glass pieces. They’re huge. The round rosettes, of which there are more of one by the way, have to be at least – at least!!! – 20 feet across.

Ok, these pictures really don’t do it justice, but an iPhone can only do so much. And my camera skills leave something to be desired. But maybe you get the idea.

Anyways, my neck was sore from staring at all the vivid colors and detail. I took a few more pictures, so here they are.

No matter which country you’re in, you cannot have a Catholic church without the Virgin Guadalupe. It’s written in the bible or something. Viva Mexico!

Lastly, this is a sorry ass view of walking into the cathedral.

This is almost to the very front of where the pews start. The cathedral is absolutely massive, and I had to get really close to the front to get some of the detail in my picture. It was phenomenal.

As I previously mentioned, I was a bit grouchy this particular morning, and after moving through the space of Notre Dame, I felt almost human again. A peace had settled within me, and the tension of time changes, strange beds, and overall life stress seemed to fade away. It was a beautiful feeling that I will try to carry with me always.

Notre Dame has been kicked off my list of ‘things to do.’

To the Past, Present & Future

A new year is upon me once again. To start my 2012, I’ve been in bed with one of the nastiest colds I’ve ever had. While that has been terrible, it’s also been a good time to reflect – at least while I wasn’t utterly and completely delirious.


For me, 2011 started dubiously. A great friend and overall person had passed away at the end of 2010, and another equally great friend and person had died right at the start of the new year. While death is part of the great cycle of life, it’s still a painful ordeal we must go through. But go through it I must, and did.


I spent 2011 traveling to NYC for a job that I love and am extremely fortunate to have. I went to the almost-pristine beach of Troncones, Mexico for a cousin’s wedding that was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. In July, I attended ComiCon in San Diego and had one of the most amazing experiences ever with a group of close friends. None of us wanted it to be over, but we always have next time! I spent countless hours with my loved ones in Idaho, but not enough with those in LA. (I’m coming down in February or March guys, I promise!) I helped some of my best friends in new business ventures and got to see the people and professionals they’d become since elementary school. I said goodbye to a decade full of wild times and great memories – and turned 30! (I still don’t know how I really feel about that yet.) I climbed (almost to the very top) Idaho’s tallest mountain, and I vow to return and conquer it this year.


And there has been so much in between.

I’m not one to make resolutions, so I don’t know what this year will hold for me exactly, but I do know there will be exciting trips to new and old places alike. Fascinating people to get to know from all walks of life. I have goals that will be accomplished. In this next year, I’ll face lessons to be learned, and taught. I will make mistakes, of that I am sure, but as I have in the past, and will in the future, I’ll learn from those mistakes, and better myself. And yes, don’t think I’ve forgotten it. There will be CrossFit, and a whole lot of it. So I’m ready 2012. Let’s see what’s in store for me, and everyone else.

Happy New Year’s!!


¡Viva Mexico!

Jeremy and I are at the airport. We’re on our first leg of a long day to get down to Guadalajara, which is our starting point for an awesome, 10 day journey through the state I was born in. In fact, here’s the plane we’re about to board.


I’m excited for a number of reasons. The number one reason is that this is the first time Jeremy and I will be on the same plane! I know, I know, that seems like a funny thing to be excited about but the last time we traveled we ended up flying on different flights. It’s the little things……

Reason number 2: This will be the first time I’ve ever travelled around the state I was born in. It’s an amazing state, full of rich culture, and Mexican and art history. In fact, Diego Rivera was born in the city of Guanajuato.



Reason 3: Although this trip was planned as a vacation, I’ve managed to turn this into a bit of a work trip. Part of me is annoyed for doing it, but a bigger part of me is looking forward to finding something new and inspiring to bring into our beautiful store.

So wish us luck on our little adventure!