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I know, I know

‘People come in to your life every day for a reason.’ This is an idea that is reiterated almost everyday. When someone passes away, something along these lines is said. After a breakup, a friend always mentions this. If you meet an amazing person, isn’t this one of the first thoughts that crosses your mind? Well, it’s all true. I’m not here to introduce something new and astonishing, but living in Idaho has made me very aware of the people that enter my life, and the events that make up my day to day.

Yesterday, I talked to my best friend. I haven’t talked to her in a couple of weeks, and truthfully, a lot has happened that I needed to catch her up on. We didn’t talk for very long, or even very deeply, but when we hung up, it was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. The rest of my day was light, wonderful and happy.

Tonight it was David Barovetto’s birthday gathering. David is my second father. I’ve known the man since I was 9 year old. He literally saved my family from famine by being the only brave soul in town to hire my mother, who had just moved here from – gasp!- L.A. The man will always be there for me and for that I am dedicated.

There are many, many other people in my life that represent this belief. Whether it be someone I’ve known since I was 9 (I’m talking about you Wes), or whether it’s someone who has just been introduced in my life, meetings are no small ‘thing’. You have to step back and take a good look at who these people are that are coming in and out of your life, willy nilly. If you have one interaction with them, and nothing else, you can’t discount the meeting. It might be a memory that fades in a matter of weeks, but your life has been forever changed by it.

Cherish these moments. They are pieces of your life that matter.¬†Coincidence¬†is a fun idea, but it has to be taken with a grain of salt. I like to play the ‘what if that didn’t happen’ game. I like to imagine what my life would have been if I hadn’t gone out for Tic Tacs that night. Or if I had gone home from that party thirty minutes earlier. Our lives are as fragile anything. One stiff breeze, and we’ve been changed forever……

To the Past, Present & Future

A new year is upon me once again. To start my 2012, I’ve been in bed with one of the nastiest colds I’ve ever had. While that has been terrible, it’s also been a good time to reflect – at least while I wasn’t utterly and completely delirious.


For me, 2011 started dubiously. A great friend and overall person had passed away at the end of 2010, and another equally great friend and person had died right at the start of the new year. While death is part of the great cycle of life, it’s still a painful ordeal we must go through. But go through it I must, and did.


I spent 2011 traveling to NYC for a job that I love and am extremely fortunate to have. I went to the almost-pristine beach of Troncones, Mexico for a cousin’s wedding that was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. In July, I attended ComiCon in San Diego and had one of the most amazing experiences ever with a group of close friends. None of us wanted it to be over, but we always have next time! I spent countless hours with my loved ones in Idaho, but not enough with those in LA. (I’m coming down in February or March guys, I promise!) I helped some of my best friends in new business ventures and got to see the people and professionals they’d become since elementary school. I said goodbye to a decade full of wild times and great memories – and turned 30! (I still don’t know how I really feel about that yet.) I climbed (almost to the very top) Idaho’s tallest mountain, and I vow to return and conquer it this year.


And there has been so much in between.

I’m not one to make resolutions, so I don’t know what this year will hold for me exactly, but I do know there will be exciting trips to new and old places alike. Fascinating people to get to know from all walks of life. I have goals that will be accomplished. In this next year, I’ll face lessons to be learned, and taught. I will make mistakes, of that I am sure, but as I have in the past, and will in the future, I’ll learn from those mistakes, and better myself. And yes, don’t think I’ve forgotten it. There will be CrossFit, and a whole lot of it. So I’m ready 2012. Let’s see what’s in store for me, and everyone else.

Happy New Year’s!!


Comic Con 2011 – San Diego!!

As we speak, I am on a plane to San Diego to attend Comic Con 2011 and I could NOT be more excited! I have had the flu, had a houseful of my favorite family, helped put on a wedding and worked 2 other jobs all in the last week. That’s right, 1 week! So I’m ready! I’m ready for people watching and crazy themed parties that require extensive costuming and I’m ready to laugh and have fun!!!

The awesomeness begins a soon as I de-plane. One of my amazing girlfriends will be picking me up and we will next go to the Apple Store where I’m keeping my fingers crossed they can help me with my super shattered phone screen.

Next, I have an appointment with the extremely talented Valerie Hodge-Reynolds to finally give me a decent hair ‘do! (Sorry Wood River Valley, I love you for every reason other than hair. You suck there!) My new ‘do will definitely set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

After my hair has been cut, dyed, and dried properly, it’s off for cocktails! S.D. has some of the best and most creative cocktail concoctions ever! Right across the street from the feisty Freelance Salon is one of my personal favorites: the Tractor Room. With a cocktail menu that will impress the pickiest of drinkers, I plan on trying at least 3 new beverages I haven’t had before. If I’m feeling peckish (which I no doubt will be) I will be more than happy to have their venison spring rolls! Delish!!

Following food and drink, I honestly am not sure. I know I’ll be headed to Jen’s house – where the artists will undoubtedly be finishing up her delectable dinner – for further merriment. And that’s all I need to know!

Tomorrow morning the visual fun will begin at San Diego’s gorgeous convention center located right downtown. I can’t wait to post some pictures! Until then my friends, until then!