Gets Fit

As I get older {which I’m not afraid of, I just turned 32 people, and I’ll tell anyone who asks}, I have noticed that my body doesn’t digest the massive amounts of cheese the same way it used to. While that bums me out, it also means I have to make more of a concerted effort to get my ass in gear and eat healthier.

Like most people, I’ve dabbled in many different exercise trends. Growing up I did a lot of dance classes which utilizes Pilates to strengthen the body where pliés don’t. I really loved Pilates, especially when I was able to use the machines which was a more than rare occurrence and pretty pricey. I incorporate a lot of the core strengthening methods in all of my workouts but haven’t taken an actual class in years.

From there I started to incorporate yoga into my regiment. I really, really like yoga. As much as I can’t stand the whole ‘om’ thing behind it and some of the hippy-dippy messages, I do appreciate how I feel after practicing consistently. Stretching, elongating and learning to breath are all important elements for every type of exercise. I currently frequent the Gather Studio to take classes from Beth Stuart whenever I’m able to.

I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 3 1/2 years and while I’m not at my peak performance level {which is ALL on me}, I have successes and personal records {PR’s} daily that I love to brag about. Also, coming from a non-competitive background, read: no sports at all, I feel I offer a unique perspective in the gym. I’ll share events, experiences and tips about the CrossFitter who is not an elite athlete. Yes, people who CrossFit are annoying about it, guilty as charged, but everytime I complete a WOD I do feel like I accomplished more than most people that day. I also won’t inundate readers with CrossFit-only stories. I promise.

How I Hope to Look!!

How I Hope to Look!!


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