Today, Tomorrow & the Day After

a. an act of concentrating interest or activity on something
b. pay particular attention to
c. concentrate

These are a few definitions of ‘Focus’ and I need to work on doing just that, especially at my job, at which I’m obviously currently not focusing.

It’s not just at work that my mind easily and frequently wanders, it’s whenever I’m doing anything ever and unless you experience this as well, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is. I literally forget what I’m thinking mid-thought because all of a sudden, something else – an idea, a to-do, groceries, etc. – will take over and usually only for about a second. But that second’s enough to throw my train of thought into a tizzy.

Don’t jump to the ADD/ADHD conclusion, I’m pretty positive that isn’t what my problem is. That’s not to say that I have any idea of what my problem is or if I even have a problem. I could just have a very active mind. I could be eating the wrong foods. I could tend to keep too many things and ideas organized in my head. I do know that I’m easily distracted, and it’s not fun.

This Monday {and tomorrow, and the day after}, I aim to stay focused and concentrate on paring down my ridiculously long list of to-do’s and articles to read. It will be a challenge, but the plan is to stay on track.

Stay On Track, Stay Focused

I’m sure I’m not the only person who experiences this. Any suggestions, feedback and stories are welcome, and encouraged.

5 thoughts on “Today, Tomorrow & the Day After

  1. I struggle day to day with the same problems. Bad thing is I am ADHD and take medications that don’t seem to be helping. I feel that my OCD is becoming more severe as well. I would like to stay on track for at least 1 day.

    • I suppose we can take a page from AA and live the “one day at a time” rule. There’s nothing worse than beating yourself up for something that doesn’t come easily to you. Progress, not perfection!!

  2. Have you been spying on me? I do have ADD and I take meds and I’ve found they do help but they don’t make the problem(s) go away. I go online to do something and 4 hours later still haven’t done that one thing that I needed to do. I know that I have trouble setting boundaries… especially with myself. I have a shelf of ‘how to get things done, how to organize your day, etc’ but that doesn’t actually make me do any of it. If anything I feel worse because now I know what do – I’m just not doing it. I’m sorry – this isn’t much help… except to let you know you’re not alone.

    • Ah boundaries. What an important tool that easily gets neglected. I have found that making a list and being able to cross things off is one of the best instant-gratification feelings around. I’m not selling or promoting, but I use to help me stay on track. I use it for making lists for packing when I travel and groceries and the like. It’s incredibly helpful! You can also add websites to look at later to keep your wandering in check. On the other hand though, they keep tabs on what you’ve completed with a karma scale, I’m currently at a (-), but it’s a great way to track your own progress with home and work! I think the biggest step is just doing it and trying to get past the preparation, ya know? Keep it up! We’re not alone and we’re not done for yet! 🙂

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