Refreshing Mondays

Mondays. Ugh. No one likes Mondays, especially Garfield.

Garfield hates Mondays

They represent going to work and the beginning of the rut that as adults, we’ve seem to found ourselves stuck in ~ work, home, work, home, etc. I’m guilty of trudging into the office, barely awake and grunting responses until the early afternoon when the Monday-pain goes away. Lately though, I’ve been changing my Monday-tude and have realized that actually, there can be Refreshing Mondays.

Sundays are typically my last hangover day of the weekend {which isn’t nearly long enough, by the way} but I was starting to get mighty tired of wasting an entire day, so now, they are catch up days. Whatever hasn’t been finished throughout the week gets worked on during this ‘day of rest’. I’ve decided to make Mondays my Things-to-Focus-on-for-the-Week to get me more excited about the dreaded day and impending work week.

This week my focus will be on:
• Practicing yoga handstands to get me ready for the Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica I’ll be attending next month. Patrick Beach is the expert on handstands and will also be one of the teachers. I’ll be starting with his helpful videos.
• Cleaning up after myself. I have always been a slob in the sense that I leave things strewn about the house, but I really do hate having dirty dishes on the counter. For the last few years I’ve been making much more of an effort to tidy up as I go, but it’s been quite the struggle. I’ll be focusing on folding my laundry and organizing my closet to put it away. It can be even more of an endeavor as my boyfriend is still in the ‘messy’ stage of his life, but I’m sure he’ll grow out of it someday. 🙂
• Another activity that takes up a lot of my time is preparing food ahead of time for the week. My work, The Picket Fence, has joined the Y’s Corporate Challenge this year and I’ve been doing pretty well as far as food is concerned. With all my experiences in Paleo challenges, it’s been very easy for me to keep my meals healthy and mostly grain-free but the time putting these meals together is ridiculous, especially now that I’m working 2 jobs. Today I will create a menu for the week, purchase any ingredients I need, and prep as much as possible. This is an all-day endeavor as it’s my only day off this week.

The list is short, but intense. I use and app to help keep me on track. It’s a free online program that is cloud-based, so every change you make is updated on every platform. You can prioritize, create custom labels/tags, have reminders, sync with your calendar – everything you need to be efficient. I ♥ this technology so much!

Anywho, wish me luck on my first official Refreshing Monday!

Refreshing Monday

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