Setting My Intentions

In the first half of almost any yoga class, the instructor asks the class to set their intentions of their practice for the day. I’ve always let that part of class go one in ear and out the other, throwing it out to the Universe if anything. What do I need to set an intention for? I’m just there to stretch and take a nap at the end {thank you Corpse Pose}.

But the other day at Gather Yoga Studio, I realized I had an intention to set.

First, what is an intention? It is not a goal. According to YogaJournal, a goal is an attainable thing, act or outcome. I have plenty of goals that I have set and some that I’ve even accomplished! {Sorry laundry, you ain’t one of them.} When you set your intention, you are

setting a path or practice that is focused on how you are being in the present moment.

I didn’t even realize I didn’t know exactly what this meant while I was sitting in the cross-legged position at the beginning of class. The understanding of this simple practice came to me immediately and naturally. Like a light bulb going on in my head, I knew at once what my intention was that day and the rest of my days until I felt it had been set completely: my intention was {and still is} to heal myself inside and out. I made a

commitment to align [my] worldly actions with [my] inner values.

For sometime I have been feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually toxic. There have been personal issues in my life that have affected me negatively which in turn have made me into a negative person. I don’t like being a negative person. I can’t be supportive. I can’t be understanding. I can’t be fair to others or myself. And I imagine I can’t be very fun to be around.

Rather than send my intention to the Universe, I kept it for myself that day. I am not focusing so much on how I attain my intention, but rather focusing on when to change my negativity as I feel it coming on. This practice also helps to stay in the present which is important to me as I intend to heal myself inside and out.

Thank you Universe for showing me the meaning of setting my intention.


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