I Love A Good Challenge!

I was introduced to the coolest fitness site yesterday. It’s called 30 Day Fitness Challenges and is just what it sounds like: a site that helps you to better different exercise moves in just 30 days. You can perfect just about any technique from toning your Triceps to busting out Push Ups, from killing it with Burpees to impressing friends with the Splits {which I’ll be starting this evening}. If you aren’t sure how to do an exercise they have a very user-friendly, easy to read Fitness Technique page that covers the basics. The start date isn’t a calendar day so you can start any challenge, any day of the week. It is set up with 1 rest day a week which is important for your body when working out frequently.

I’ve taken on the Ab Challenge because who doesn’t want a flat, toned tummy? {Just because bikini season is over doesn’t mean you want to let it all go.} It’s a simple combination of Situps, Crunches, Leg Raises and Plank holds. By the end of the challenge I’ll be doing 125 situps, 200 crunches, 65 leg raises and a 2 minute plank hold. Here’s my schedule.

30 Day Ab Challenge

Today will be Day 2. Oh yeah! Can’t wait to see that firm stomach!

Flat, Toned Abs

Who’s with me?

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