She So Ratchet

I came across a certain video on YouTube called Bus Driver Uppercuts a Ratchet Girl – which is exactly what it sounds like. It does contain some mild violence {it sounds really strange to call it ‘mild violence’} so *Warning*.

Anywho, what really piqued my interest was the term Ratchet Girl. What is a ‘Ratchet Girl’? I of course Googled it. Here are some examples of how to use the word correctly.

OMG. What do she have on? She ratchet – her lace front is all wrong!

That ratchet ass bitch took my man.

Ratchets be like omg #teamnomakeup #butstillpretty tho.

You so ratchet, your mama was screaming because she saw you.

Ratchet, motherfuckers suck dick.

And my personal favorite. . .

That pussy is so rachet and stanky. Her legs is like Taylor Swift’s song: they are never getting back together.


You’re welcome.

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