Adios Abuela. . .Le Faltaré

After an insanely fun birthday week winded down last Sunday, I received some news that absolutely broke my heart: my abuela had passed away.

Mi Abuela

Words cannot express how I feel about the loss of my abuela. She was the most elegant woman I have ever met. Dressed to the nines, always, she would take my sisters and I to do whatever we wanted to do when we went to visit her. “Want some ice cream? Of course darlings, just let me put my pearls on.”

At a too-young age she lost both of her parents. She helped raise her other brothers and sisters and eventually married my abuelo. He was a bit older and treated her like the queen she was. She deserved it. They started a large, beautiful family that I am more than honored to be a part of. Over the years, her family started to dwindle.

Mis Abuelos

First, my abuelo died, way before his time. Even 25+ years later my abuela would tell me about the love of her life, what an honorable and cherished man he was. We would all be so lucky in life to find what they had.

Next was my young and fun uncle Gera {I know I’m spelling it wrong family, and I’m sorry}. I don’t think he was even out of his 20s when he died in a car accident, not 6 months after his wedding. That one hit me really hard. One of my memories of him was when I was about 5 and we were in the old house. He was getting ready for a trip to the States and was counting his dollar bills. I started to tease him about something as I was coming down the marble staircase in socks. I fell. He quickly picked me up and soothed my little-girl tears.

The last loss was my own father. Before he was even 50 years old he succumbed to lung cancer. He was the oldest son. He had moved permanently to the States but visited home whenever he could. He was the life of the party, always with a joke at the tip of his tongue and even a cheesy magic trick up his sleeve. He was awesome.

I'm sure we were sharing sparkling apple juice

I’m sure we were sharing sparkling apple juice

Through all these hardships, my abuela kept her head high and carried on. She will always be in my heart. I will miss her but I know she’s now at peace and with those she had lost throughout her life. Despedida, Abuela, la paz sea contigo.

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