Procrastination – It rules the house

Today’s burning question: What have you been putting off doing? Why?

Cleaning. It’s always cleaning. I loathe cleaning with a fierce passion that I wish I could quell but haven’t figured out the secret yet. I have a small Mt. Everest of laundry, a still-packed suitcase from 2 weeks ago, still-packed boxes from 2 months ago, an un-mopped floor as well as un-vacuumed carpets, 2 dogs that need – NEED – to be brushed and bathed, an unorganized clothing and miscellaneous closet, and a bathroom that is bass-akwards and so uncontrollable you could die.

Why have I put all this off? Because I’ve stressed so much about doing it that I’ve decided I don’t need to do it. Until I get some motivation, that is. Then I’ll start cleaning, get side-tracked or take longer than a day, then be overwhelmed again. It’s a sickening cycle.

This is me everyday it seems….

Too Much Laundry


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