What I’d Learn if I Had the Time & Money

There are so many awesome subjects to master that this is a hard one to answer. I’d say it depends on if I have to make a living from these new skills or if I’m able to study at my leisure.

To work and have a career, I’d love to master all things SEO and internet marketing. What a fun field that is constantly growing with no end in site! It’s actually mind boggling what’s out there these days in terms of working on the internet.

Working the Internet

For my own personal pleasure, I’d study art, dance and how nutrition can heal your body. I love all of those subjects. The visual appeal of art and the stories behind the artists are fascinating. Dancing has always been a big passion for me to watch and to do. Nutrition is the key to human existence and health. Without it, we’ll just die off.

Art History BalletNutrition

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