I’m Just Gonna Put this Out There

I work on the website for a beautiful home decor store located in my town. I love it. I love my job, I love my fellow employees and I love what we carry {sorry paycheck}. Today though, I have not loved my web customers. They keep returning things that I want them to keep. Why oh why Universe?! Please make them love their stuff. It’s pretty. It’s expensive. And once they open their packages, it’s theirs!! Right?

So, I’m feeling a little disheartened. A bit embarrassed. Even a little downtrodden. Everyone wants to succeed at their job, including me. This is making me less of a success and more of a failure. Please, no pity party. Just need to get it off my chest as I’m sure I’m not the only one who experiences this.

Damn. Maybe tomorrow we’ll get a great, huge order. Fingers crossed!

on a side note, i went to find a ‘woe is me’ image to put in here and found this little band instead. so now i feel old as well. *sigh*


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