Why I’ve Been Acting Crazy

Some may or may not have noticed that I’ve been acting a little crazier than normal lately. Well, I’ll tell you why. As I mentioned I have a few weddings that I’m involved in this summer and with weddings comes the bachelorette parties.

The first one is for my youngest sister in Temecula where we’ll visit the wineries and go dancing! I am so very excited to go wine tasting and see my beautiful sister{s} for the weekend. It’s going to be a great trip.

Temecula Bachelorette Party

On top of these fabulous parties and lady get-togethers, I’m in the middle of moving. While that’s not so terrible in and of itself, I will be bringing guests back from this first of 3 bachelorette parties next week. Those guests are a sister and her 3 sweetie-pie kids. And their room isn’t finished! {Don’t worry sis, it’s gonna be beautiful before you get here!}

So you’ll all have to forgive me for any cancelled plans, being completely disheveled, not making it to the gym {I miss you!} and seeming more ditzy than usual. My dogs have about had it too, so there you are! I should be back to my ‘normal’ self soon – whatever that means.

2 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been Acting Crazy

  1. So that is why you did not reply to my text? When do you fly south?

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