Have You Heard About Gazelle?

I’m online all day everyday and you have NO idea how much stuff is online about anything you could ever search for. Well, maybe you do. Anyways, a while ago I signed up to earn coupons and other rewards from Recyclebank.com, an educational site that teaches you about being ecofriendly, which we all know I try to be. Every time you complete a ‘lesson’ you earn points and with those points you can get awesome rewards for everything from magazines to restaurants, from beauty products to donating to a charitable cause. Recycle Bank

It’s a pretty cool site that has a lot of great resources and info to learn about recycling, to teach others about it and generate general awareness. They even have forms available to send to your local waste haulers to set up programs in your neighborhood. Pretty neat if you ask me.

Today there was a company that caught my eye and that is Gazelle. Are you looking to get rid of old gadgets, like the pile of iPhones that somehow keep accumulating? Are they in pretty decent condition, you just wanted a shiny new toy? Gazelle buys them back! They take iPhones, tablets, iPods, Macbooks and Macs, and cell phones by Samsung, Nokia and HTC to name a few. Here’s a complete list of phones. They’re offers aren’t shabby either, might I add. When I’m ready to upgrade my phone I’ll make almost enough to cover the cost. You simply go to their site, select the item you’re looking to get rid of, verify how beat up it is {or isn’t} and bam! you’ve got a quote. I haven’t sent anything in {yet} but their system is very user-friendly.

The idea first started in 2006 when a group of like-minded individuals got together with the thought that, ‘Hey, if you can trade in cars, why can’t you trade in phones?’ Good question! By 2007 Israel Ganot and his team were in business. This year they’ve traded their one millionth item; a Samsung Galaxy II. Kudos Gazelle! That means they’ve kept over 1,000,000 electronic items out of landfills where they could cause serious harm to water supplies, dirt and the local environment overall.

Check it out! I’m sure you’ll be able to make a screamin’ deal. 😉

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