Interested in Paleo? This is Good to Know

I’ve spared *all* of my dear readers the posts of my daily CrossFit workouts so as not to turn you all against me and make you quit reading but I do want to make people aware of this one thing pertaining to going Paleo: You’re going to become exhausted and lose your mind for 1 day and for me, that day was Wednesday.

Every time I do a Paleo challenge I remind myself that during the first week or so there’ll be a point where I’m absolutely exhausted and practically delirious but I forget how bad/weird it is each time. I was abruptly woken up on Wednesday morning with a nose bleed about 30 minutes before my alarm went off. That sucks whenever it happens because you know you’ve just lost that precious half an hour of sleep. However, I felt especially drained and couldn’t shake it all day. In fact, around 11:30 I thought I was going to have to go home and take a nap.

Fast forward a bit later in the day – I felt a little better after I had some tea and made it through the rest of work. I’m in the beginning stages of moving and decided I’d go to the new house and start organizing as I was feeling a little back to normal. About 2 hours go by and I’m feeling that tired, empty feeling again so I pack up and head home to make dinner. It’s almost 9 freaking p.m. I obviously waited too long to eat {what’s new} and was feeling completely loopy. My BF gets home and informs me I’m acting totally weird. I figured that after I ate dinner I’d start to feel better. Not so. I actually had to force myself to eat. My body was detoxing pretty hard and just smelling food was making me more queasy.

Anyways, I wrapped up the evening and went to bed in the hopes that the morning would bring me more energy. And it did. Yesterday I still didn’t feel completely 100%, but I felt much better than the day before. I also decided that even though I wasn’t feeling quite up to par, I was going to work out in the evening regardless. I figured it would help some of those toxins out of my body faster. I took it really, really easy on the workout but it still kicked my butt. You can read about that here {soon} for all the deets. {Ironically, or coincidentally – whatever, the coach asked those participating in the challenge if we had in fact had a day or two of everything I just described plus not being able to talk correctly. Yes! All of those things!}

Today I feel great. I felt well-rested when I woke up. I’ve eaten some really yummy things and made sure I felt full. My mind doesn’t feel as foggy and I’ve been able to concentrate. I’m even a little hyper!

I can hear naysayers right now, “That sounds so dangerous!”. It’s not. My body is detoxing sugars and other no-no’s that I’ve been ingesting for months. It’s not always an easy detox and honestly, it shouldn’t be. You can really feel yourself becoming healthier as the bad shit leaves your system. I’m just glad my crash came and went so fast. The first time I did this challenge I felt that way everyday for about 2 weeks so I was pretty healthy to begin with this time around. As my sweet young man reminded me yesterday, you just have to take it easy to let your body get better. 🙂

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