Easy Tomato Transplanting

I started out with nothing but seeds, dirt and random containers to grow everything in. It took about a week before I started to see life push through the dirt but when it finally happened, I was beyond overjoyed. Now a lot of my plants have been replanted into larger containers, I’ve had to throw out the weaklings and some jalapeño plants have joined the fam.

One trick that I was really pleased with when it came time to transplant the tomatoes, while I’m sure is out there somewhere, I came up with whilst running out of salsa containers for my seeds. I eat eggs daily so there are always cartons around the house. I decided they’d be great for my tomato seeds and got them all planted.

Remember this?

Tomato Seedlings

When it came time to transplant these babies I just soaked the carton on a tray of shallow water to get the cardboard soft. Egg cartons are surprisingly durable and take quite a bit of water to loosen them up but once they were easy to tear through, transplanting was as easy as 1•2•3.

I pushed the seedling up through the bottom for a perfect little mound of dirt and plant.

Tomato Seedling Tomato

And voila! I did this on Thursday and so far they haven’t died but they also haven’t grown anymore which is due to our still-cold weather. Will I get to reap the rewards from my hard work? I don’t know. I kind of doubt it but it’s been a learning experience and continues to be. I am determined to try every trick and technique to keep my plants alive and thriving so if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears!!

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