How will it end?

Here she was. Everything in her life was coming together quite nicely. Her career was barreling ahead. Her home was exactly as she had planned it. Her parents were far enough to not be a bother. She was able to travel frequently. She even had the perfect man. The question was how long would this last? She had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was destined to always struggle, destined to never find her true ‘home’, even destined to be alone as time went on. Her grandmother was always reminding her that she was able to enjoy being alone while others couldn’t. Did she know something about her future? She had always been intuitive to the point it was a little scary…

You tell me how this should end.

Lady Noir

2 thoughts on “How will it end?

  1. Enjoying alone time just shows how secure you are with yourself. Enjoy the ride. Don’t worry, life always deals some form of crap eventually. Haha I also have a hard time enjoying it when things are going a little too well.

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