Helping Save the Planet, 50 Steps at a Time

I like to make an effort to lessen my carbon footprint. There are countless possibilities to do your part and frankly it can get daunting. It can even get to the point where you stop doing anything at all because let’s face it, does it really matter? Well, yes, it does. Duh. I found a great and simple site tonight called 50 Ways to Help and it’s exactly what it sounds like: 50 simple tips on what you can do to help and very short explanations on just exactly how it is you’re helping. Unless you’re completely illiterate, it’s a very easy read. Below I posted my top 5 ways that I like helping best.

50 ways

1. Plastic Bags Suck – They really, truly do. I was so disheartened when the Plastic Bag Ban didn’t pass in my little home town. I really couldn’t, and still can’t, understand why. How difficult is it to bring a bag to the store with you? In fact, I use it as an excuse to get those super cute cotton bags that are super cheap and come in hundreds if not thousands of patterns. This perfectly adorable one was on Etsy.

I'll hold all your grocery needs!

I’ll hold all your grocery needs!

2. Pay Bills Online – One reason I have always disliked paying my bills is the terrible waiting period for my check to clear. Not everyone is a super great money budgeter (God knows I wish I was though) so there was always a 50/50 chance I’d have a little check-bouncy problem. And that’s just lame. Plus, paying bills online takes less than 30 seconds. That’s less time than writing a check, finding your stamps again because you rarely use them, then, if you live where I do, having to drive to the post office to send them off. Bleh. Be done with it.

3. Recycle Aluminum & Glass – I know, I know, Blaine County doesn’t recycle glass. I constantly shake my head about this but they do “reuse glass as cover material at the Inert Materials Pit (at Ohio Gulch) where items that don’t decompose can safely and legally be disposed.” Direct quote from 5B Recycles. Also on the pro side of this, less petrol is used to ship the glass. So there’s that. I also know how messy it can get living where I live when you have to separate every stupid thing or else the recyclables won’t even make it where you intend for them to go. It really is enough to make you say, ‘Enough already!’ but please keep at it.I’m keeping my fingers crossed that eventually in the near future this will change.

Ha ha! There's that bag again!

Ha ha! There’s that bag again!

4. Wash in Cold or Warm Water – This is something I’ve done for years. I do ALL of my laundry in cold water and it has never been a problem for me. I also use the Trader Joe’s version of Oxiclean for every load and my clothes, towels and linens are just as great as the day I got them. When you put your clothes in the dryer you don’t have to use high heat either. I have found that the Permanent Press option dries my clothes just as well. I’ll even take it a step further and dry my clothes on a rack rather than stick them in the dryer. Both of these methods make not only a huge impact on ‘doing your part’ but also will add years to your fabrics. All the hot water and high heat breaks clothes and dyes down pretty quickly over time. So this tip’s really a win-win-win. 😉

This rack from IKEA, my fav place, is super cheap and very versatile.

This rack from IKEA, my fav place, is super cheap and very versatile.

And finally…

5. Shower With Your Partner – This is my favorite one for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t like to see a   sweet bum at every opportunity? ♥ And because my hot water lasts all of 30 seconds, we’re in and out of there super fast while both getting clean. It really makes bathing time that much more enjoyable while doing something good.

So there you have it. My good deed for the day, sharing these great and easy tips. I really hope that you find a couple that you can incorporate into your life without it taking over. Let me know what some of your favorites are!

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