The Truth of the Matter

As most people in my life know I’m from Mexico. I was born in Mexico, most of my family’s in Mexico – I’m Mexican. In fact I’m in Mexico right now visiting my grandmother and a plethora of aunts, uncles and cousins. It’s been a blast so far, as it usually is. We go out to restaurants, go shopping, stay up late telling stories and joking around, and we relax. Notice here that I did not mention the following: suntan, margaritas, sand, beach, water, swimming. The majority of the time I come down here I do none of those things. This is where people think I go:

Not here...

Not here…

In actuality, I go here:

...but here

…but here

Equally beautiful, more relaxing and more sentimental. Mexico’s a large and amazing country that has some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve seen. I mean, some of it’s a little meh for me too, but so is the Mid West.

My main point here is to go out there and explore the world. England isn’t just made from round abouts. The Eiffel Tower isn’t the only sight seeing to do in France. And drunk gringos on pristine beaches is just a tich of what Mexico has in store for your eyes.

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