New, Pretty, Girly As All – My Dishes

The last time I purchased my own dishes was also the first time. I remember them so clearly:

A matte, cadet blue.

Paint color

The scratchy finish of the $29.99, 18-set Dinera Collection by the chic and college-kid-friendly Ikea.

Ikea Dishes

My god, eating off those plates would make my skin crawl every time I scraped my cheap as shit Ikea flatware {does this look familiar to anyone?} against the plates. *You know that feeling I’m talking about. You’re feeling it now.*


Anywho, over the years that set of dishes and flatware have mercifully disappeared and I found myself once again needing to purchase something to eat off of. Let’s just go ahead and skip to the good part of seeing what I got for dishes.

Not gonna lie…these were the 2nd set of dishes I got when I moved in. I had to wait for them to go on sale!

I had seen these puppies months ago, like back in February-ago. The price was a bit steep as I had to get into the swing of bill-paying-things. I put them out of my mind so completely that their existence left my brain. One day, when I allowed myself the luxury of perusing the Anthropologie website {specifically the Sale section} I saw the dishes and my heart immediately leapt into my throat. {I know, this is sad. But ladies and gents who love pretty things, you know how exciting that is.} I had forgotten about the dishes, but here they were – on sale, in stock and at my fingertips. I added the items to my wishlist/bag and let myself sleep on it for a few days. {I mean come on, it’s Anthropologie after all. Shit’s. Still. Expensive.}

Finally, I caved. I hit the big ‘BUY’ button and waited with bated breath for my pretties to arrive. And they did! I immediately called the only person who would be excited for me {you know who you are} and while I was telling her how beautiful they were, I spotted these lovely little love notes.


I was absolutely delighted! Now, every time I eat, I think of these little sayings and smile a little bit more. 😉

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