Grrrrrrrrrr…… Back Away Slowly

Yesterday was a great day.

I had a wonderful brisk, fall walk with the pups in the morning.

I had a great dentist appointment.

I got things done at work that have been neglected.

I made a dinner date with friends for tonight.

I talked to my sis on the phone.

I had an amazing meal prepared by my amazing boyfriend.

I looked at the endless stars in the night sky while taking the pups out one more time.

I watched Oldboy – an effing awesome Asian movie with lots of violence.

I had a great night’s sleep, including not being woken up by my new snoring piglet of a dog.

Then morning time came and my sweet little so-and-so of a dog jumped onto my head, started whining at me and punched me in the face with her furry little paw.

See how evil she is?

Needless to say, I was awake. I got out of bed and JESUS it was cold. Great. (And I’m only pissed about this because I’m 99.9% sure my heater no longer works.)

Whatever, the dogs are both awake at this point and wanting to go outside. I do feel for them. They have to hold it all day and night, so I get warmly dressed, find my headphones and stumble out the door, barely awake.

Again, brrr. The ground was frozen solid, with plant-life breaking under my feet. The cold air was biting at my face and piercing my pants, but the dogs were having a nice morning, and generally walking them in the park puts me in a good mood. This morning there wasn’t a soul to be seen, which made it feel very solitary and I liked it.

Then, I hear it – loud, booming bass. It’s a ways away, though getting closer. The park is right off a busy road, so I assume (ass+you+me) it was a crew of Mexican* construction workers heading somewhere to work. But wait, it’s getting louder, and it sounds like it’s coming up behind me. What the….. I look over and driving along the mountainside are two effing low riders with tinted windows shaking because of the effing bass that is being blasted.

I just about lost it. My morning that had started so annoyingly with Isadorah was finally calming down, and these pendejos had to go and burst the tranquil morning with shit music at 8:30 a.m. I head home. What else can I do?

Once at home, I enjoy my ‘me time’ by making tea and breakfast, doing a couple dishes, etc. I’m calming down once again, thank goodness, and head to work.

And now, at work, I’m being pestered with questions I can’t answer, have told people I can’t answer, and just sit there as they ask me anyways. *sigh*

Am I in a bad mood? Meh. Am I annoyed? Usually. Will it get better today? It effing better! Until then though, tread carefully. Please. And thank you.

*I am not being racist or stereotyping. There is a huge Mexican population up here and a lot of them work construction. Also, they love to bump the bass.

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