Let’s Do This

Today (Sunday) is the pre-challenge day that officially starts up the challenge for tomorrow. I will be getting before and after shots taken of my current body, meeting my new teammates, and getting my baseline workout timed so I can see just how much I improved after the challenge is over.

That’s right it’s time for another 5B Body Transformation Challenge! You can click on the link to get all the information about it, but just to give you an idea of what the challenge entails, read on. This is a 60 day – read: 2 months – challenge that requires a drastic nutrition/diet adjustment, while topping it all off with some serious Crossfit WOD’s.

(That’s me doing a WOD)

The working out part will be the easy part. Show up, warm up, sweat, pant, almost die, go home. See, easy! It’s really the diet part of the challenge (excuse me, nutrition) part of it that’s going to be the real test. We are required to eat Paleo while applying the Zone to our meals.

Let me back up. For those who haven’t heard me rave about Paleo before, I’ll give you the briefest of descriptions. No: dairy, grains, sugar, alcohol or legumes. What this leaves is meat, most vegetables, and some fruits. It sounds harder than it is. There are some really great sites and blogs that go into more detail about this philosophy, offer delicious recipes, and describe how it has changed lives for the better. *Disclaimer: I ain’t a doctor or a professional nutritionist. Do your own research and come up with your own opinions/decisions. This isn’t for everyone.*

The other part of the challenge, as I mentioned, is incorporating the Zone diet. This might sound a bit more familiar as it’s a diet that stars like Jennifer Aniston (I can’t believe her name is showing up anywhere on my blog, but whatever) have been known to do in order to slim down for all those stupid awards shows. So what is it exactly? Take a look here to get a great example. Keep reading past the shameless book promoting and you’ll find a wonderful source of knowledge and other health benefits to incorporating this diet into your life.

How does it pertain to Crossfit? Read this article that includes figuring out which block system is for you, some sample meals (unfortunately they aren’t paleo) and a great chart to determine how much of a food equals a block. One huge selling point of Zone is that it doesn’t go hand-in-hand with paleo. You could live off of fast food and still do the Zone. I don’t think you’d get all the health benefits, but probably some.

By the way, Zone-ing takes a shit ton of time to do. You will buy more groceries than you ever have before. The ‘food scale’ will become a kitchen staple. And instead of spending those extra couple of hours a night catching up on Desperate Housewives or some other crap show, you’ll be making your next day’s meals. But in the end, you’ll thank me.

Just to give an example of how well this challenge did for me in the past, go back in time to this.

Not too shabby if I say so myself! Also, I continued to work out fairly regularly and stayed healthy and hot all summer. After this next challenge, I may need a new wardrobe. 😉

One more closing note; when I mention the word ‘diet’, I don’t mean it as a way to only lose weight – though you will – I mean it as a lifestyle change in your eating habits. Don’t shriek or shirk away when the word comes up. It’s just much quicker to type.

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