As Promised, Notre Dame – and then some

I’m a few days late, but no dollaz short – trust me.

I awoke Wednesday morning after getting, let’s see, 1, 2, 3, 4 – 4 hours of sleep. I was a bit . . . . let’s say cranky. Now, more often than not I am a morning person. I’m not the kind of morning person that goes to the gym, answers all emails, showers, does hair and make up, and has breakfast before 7. God no! I really like to take my sweet time and stay in my pj’s for as long as possible, but I am fully awake and usually pretty chipper while putting around.

Wednesday, not so much. I really didn’t want to do anything but lay in the hard hotel bed and dick around on the Facebook, but because this is a work trip and I am traveling with 2 colleagues (that’s right, a grown up word), I decided I would pretty much do whatever they wanted. First stop was the timeless Notre Dame, which is literally (not figuratively) a 2 minute walk from our hotel. Here are some pictures of the interior of this iconic building.

Honestly, I know nothing about these murals. It’s been a few years since I took art history, and unfortunately, if I don’t practice it I typically don’t retain it. Whatever. This artwork pulled at me, drawing me further into the building. Really, what more do I need to know?

Next up, some breathtaking stained glass. I don’t think one can really grasp the scale of these glass pieces. They’re huge. The round rosettes, of which there are more of one by the way, have to be at least – at least!!! – 20 feet across.

Ok, these pictures really don’t do it justice, but an iPhone can only do so much. And my camera skills leave something to be desired. But maybe you get the idea.

Anyways, my neck was sore from staring at all the vivid colors and detail. I took a few more pictures, so here they are.

No matter which country you’re in, you cannot have a Catholic church without the Virgin Guadalupe. It’s written in the bible or something. Viva Mexico!

Lastly, this is a sorry ass view of walking into the cathedral.

This is almost to the very front of where the pews start. The cathedral is absolutely massive, and I had to get really close to the front to get some of the detail in my picture. It was phenomenal.

As I previously mentioned, I was a bit grouchy this particular morning, and after moving through the space of Notre Dame, I felt almost human again. A peace had settled within me, and the tension of time changes, strange beds, and overall life stress seemed to fade away. It was a beautiful feeling that I will try to carry with me always.

Notre Dame has been kicked off my list of ‘things to do.’

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