Freaking Paris

I’m still kind of brain dead from all the travel and not sleeping I’ve been doing the last week, so the fact that I’m currently lying in bed in Paris is still fuzzy in my head. But holy crap! I’m in Paris! I’m staying at this beautiful hotel called Hotel Saint-Louis en I’lsle. It’s right by Notre Dame, which was one of my favorite cathedrals I learned about while in design school. I didn’t go inside yet, because I was wandering around like a zombie, but today I will go into this amazing, beautiful, spiritual place. Here are some quick pics I took of it yesterday.

Tomorrow I’ll be getting close ups of my favorite feature: the Flying Buttresses! (for you, Bennett) We’re also ridiculously close to the Louvre (not pronounced loover, thank you very much). This is an amazing museum that you could literally base an entire trip to Paris around. It’s vital that you plan out which exhibits you’d like to see, otherwise you could wander around in there for days. Here’s the outside of the building. Well, it’s a very small portion of the building.

It ain’t the best shot, but I was walking through it fast. I plan on some better photos tomorrow, which I will promptly share when I can. I’m so excited to go in there! Last time I saw the Egypt exhibit, and nothing is roped off, so I was able to touch a sarcophagus. A freaking sarcophagus!! And since I’m a very tactile person, I loved every moment of it.

Let’s see, what else. Oh right! On one of the bridges between the Left and Right banks, people have put up hundreds, if not thousands, of locks with names of loved ones written on them. It’s such a touching sight. See for yourself.

And on that note, I bid you adieu. I need to try to catch at least 2 more hours of sleep. While I was a bleary-eyed idiot last night and couldn’t keep my eyes open to save my life at 10 p.m., I was wide awake at 2 a.m. Oh well! It’s a small price to pay for this amazing experience!

2 thoughts on “Freaking Paris

  1. enjoy paris! if you have time check out the museum de orsay. it’s even better than the louvre.. also if the louvre has crazy long lines, the lion gates entry, never has any lines. in the middle of peak season we just walked straight in

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