I know, I know

‘People come in to your life every day for a reason.’ This is an idea that is reiterated almost everyday. When someone passes away, something along these lines is said. After a breakup, a friend always mentions this. If you meet an amazing person, isn’t this one of the first thoughts that crosses your mind? Well, it’s all true. I’m not here to introduce something new and astonishing, but living in Idaho has made me very aware of the people that enter my life, and the events that make up my day to day.

Yesterday, I talked to my best friend. I haven’t talked to her in a couple of weeks, and truthfully, a lot has happened that I needed to catch her up on. We didn’t talk for very long, or even very deeply, but when we hung up, it was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. The rest of my day was light, wonderful and happy.

Tonight it was David Barovetto’s birthday gathering. David is my second father. I’ve known the man since I was 9 year old. He literally saved my family from famine by being the only brave soul in town to hire my mother, who had just moved here from – gasp!- L.A. The man will always be there for me and for that I am dedicated.

There are many, many other people in my life that represent this belief. Whether it be someone I’ve known since I was 9 (I’m talking about you Wes), or whether it’s someone who has just been introduced in my life, meetings are no small ‘thing’. You have to step back and take a good look at who these people are that are coming in and out of your life, willy nilly. If you have one interaction with them, and nothing else, you can’t discount the meeting. It might be a memory that fades in a matter of weeks, but your life has been forever changed by it.

Cherish these moments. They are pieces of your life that matter. Coincidence is a fun idea, but it has to be taken with a grain of salt. I like to play the ‘what if that didn’t happen’ game. I like to imagine what my life would have been if I hadn’t gone out for Tic Tacs that night. Or if I had gone home from that party thirty minutes earlier. Our lives are as fragile anything. One stiff breeze, and we’ve been changed forever……

2 thoughts on “I know, I know

  1. Nice Barbara,

    I enjoy reading your blogs. Hearing what you have to say, how you view the world. Can’t wait to hear about your travels.

    Could you please add me to your email list. Bob has been having to forward these blogs for me.

    Thanks, have a good time.

  2. B Jo, you are (as always) a breath of fresh air. You are so aware and appreciative of life and all it has to offer while still maintaining a real perspective of its lack of permanence. I am so happy our paths have crossed. Your insight and intuition are truly inspirational. (I know I am usually a sarcastic dick, but I am totally sincere here.) Your words ring true.

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