Minor Setbacks

When we planned this trip, we decided to travel via Primera Plus, Mexico’s premiere bus service. I’ve traveled on the bus before and know it to be very clean, friendly, and a great way to travel. Jeremy also says it’s good to leave the driving and navigating up to someone else, and I agreed.


I got nervous about time, and schedules and whatnot and decided we needed to rent a car instead, so, I booked a hot little number, the Dodge Atos, through a company with Hertz.


Since we arrived so late last night, the car counter would be closed, so we arranged to travel back to the airport to pick up the car this afternoon. We arrived without any issues, and were told they had nothing available. There are some kind of game festivals going on in Guadalajara right now which took up all the rental cars. Those of you who know me can imagine how annoyed I was. Just imagine how much more annoyed I was when I realized I had already been charged for this little car.

After 20 minutes of calling the company I had reserved the car through, I finally got my money refunded to me, and Jeremy and I are on a very clean, very lovely Primera Plus bus – complete with wifi thank you very much – headed to another beautifully historic city of Aguascalientes.


Oh the ups and downs of travel!! :$

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