A Success!

I know, I know. I promised live coverage on Saturday, but I was just having too much fun! I arrived at Festival Field feeling excited, nervous, jittery, but mostly happy. It was a perfect day; sunny with a slight breeze to keep the sweat from dripping. People were riding and walking up and down the bike path that runs along the field as I was walking towards all the excitement.

Let me put on the brakes real quick. I mentioned before that this event, Fight to Survive, was a charitable event, and that I would give the info about it. Well, here it is. FTS is put on by the Valley’s fire departments. They had all come together to put on amazing demonstrations ranging from showing how a victim is rescued from a car, how important a fire sprinkler is, to how to fight over a ball on a cable with the fire hoses! So, yes, it was a fun-filled day! The registration contributions from the folks that competed in the Crossfit portion of the day were donated to the Higher Ground program. This group helps rehabilitates wounded veterans in an intimate, camp-like setting. It’s such a great cause!

veterans, assistance, charity, war, soldiers

Anyways, the day was beautiful, as I mentioned, and people were in high spirits! I competed in the super scaled division which was 20 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout. It included tossing 3 twenty pound sand bags over a 7′ wall, scaling that wall, then doing as many times as possible, five 115 pound deadlifts, 10 bar jump burpees, and 15 20″ box jumps. I did 8 rounds, which is more than 2 + rounds I did in the gym a week before. I am innately slow, so for me that was a huge improvement! I can’t wait until next year to try it to scale (which will be three 40 # bags and 155 pound deadlift) and be faster! I plan on representing 5B Crossfit and making them proud!

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