It’s Only Wednesday?!

In the last seven days, I’ve had one day off, and that was barely a day off. In fact, on that day ‘off’ I was exercising and cleaning the CrossFit gym. Let me correct myself; in the last seven days, I’ve had no days off. Ugh! I shouldn’t complain. I have a job. A full-time job at that, but what happens when it becomes more than a job? I’ll tell you what, you take it home with you, that’s what. The first thing I do in the morning is check my work email. The last thing I do when I go to sleep is check my work email. When I find a spare moment on the computer at home, I’m researching info for work.

Taking my work home with me and letting it affect my mood is starting to take its toll. Yesterday, I was in a great mood in the morning. I had many things lined up and organized for once, and then it all changed. A customer became extremely upset with me, and I was required to send an apology email. I have no problem with placating someone, especially when I’m at fault, but I wasn’t clear as to what I was apologizing for. No matter, I still had to do it, and that really bothered me! I thought, ‘The nerve of that woman! She doesn’t know how this business is run. She doesn’t know who I am. In fact, if I hadn’t contacted her first, she would have only had herself to blame!’

But apologize I did. I haven’t heard back from this particular customer, or the boss who’s out of the country on vacation, and it’s left a very bad taste in my mouth. I thought this morning I would feel better, but the worry and stress was not abated at all. This incident has really left me frazzled, and it’s only the hump day.

I must breathe. . . . .

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