Day 3 With Chix

We’ve lost 2 chicks so far, which, if you’ve ever raised chickens, isn’t bad at all. A sweet little Barred Plymouth Rock and a sweet little Golden Sexlink passed yesterday and last night. A moment of silence to honor the fallen…….

It’s still sad for me and my guy, but it is life. Baby chicks are incredibly fragile as you take them home when they’re less than a day old. They aren’t even eating at this young age because they’re protected by the nutrients that surrounded them in the shell.

They are so light and fluffy, but waking up is always a little stressful for me and I tell my guy that he has to go look first. In fact, sleeping can be just as stressful. I had a dream last night that 2 of my little BPR’s were fighting each other and I couldn’t pull them apart. It freaked me out!

As I said, this is life. Not just for chickens, but for most living creatures. It’s ok for me to be sad, but I have to realize that there are 16 little lives that are still depending on me! And this makes me very happy.


One thought on “Day 3 With Chix

  1. I like the update. You guys are moving towards a chicken farm. Your great uncle Charles had a chicken farm in Modesto California.

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