New Bebe Chicks

My guy and I raise chickens. We eat their eggs and we use their poo as fertilizer for our worm composted dirt. We also love to watch them run around the yard, scratching for food, taking ‘dirt’ baths, and just enjoying the sunshine when it comes.

Until yesterday, we had two full grown Australorp hens, Clucky and Chicken Little, and a younger gang of 2 month old chick-teens. Amelia (Leghorn), Ingrid (Golden Sexlink), Pumpkin (Australorp), and Emma aka Fagga Beefey (Rhode Island Red).

With that second batch, we had originally purchased 14 chicks knowing that some would make it, and others would not. That is just how life goes. Well, as one can tell with basic math skills, we lost 10 of them. Hence the four ladies. When this tragedy occurred, we immediately ordered 8 more chicks to fill in our brood, and the date to pick them up was yesterday, 5/17/11. We were excited! Our chickens are our little lovelies, so my guy took off to pick up the little babes.

I got a text from my guy later that afternoon, ‘They gave us 18.’ ‘What?!’ I responded. He has an old phone, so I assumed he accidentally hit the number 1. Well, he called. It was no typo. They gave us 18 chicks. I guess they had too many or something and had to get rid of them. We weren’t going to turn our backs on these hopeless, hapless hen-lings! So he brought them home, and they are so adorable! If you’ve never held a day old chicklet, you haven’t lived. The breeds we got in this round are the Leghorn, Golden Sexlink, Rhode Island Red, and Barred Plymouth Rock. The Leghorns are the little yellow ones and the Barred Plymouths are the black ones. They’ll grow up to be beautiful black and white chickens.

Aren’t they sweet!

All Grow'd Up

18 in the Box

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